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Tin Plating

Electrodeposited tin is non-toxic, ductile, and resistant to both corrosion and tarnishing. Tin plating provides a uniformly thick coating which is highly conductive and 100% solderable, making it an excellent choice for electrical contacts. The high throwing power of our tin bath makes it possible to plate items of unusual shapes with exceptional reliability. 

Tin Plating - Seachrome Metal Finishing Co.
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Tin-Nickel Plating

The tin-nickel alloy is a compound of approximately 65% tin and 35% nickel. The tin-nickel alloy is non-magnetic and non-allergic to the skin. Its non-allergic property allows it to replace electroplated nickel on fasteners for garments. Tin-nickel has been used for replacing chromium in decorative and light engineering industries and in the printed circuit board industry as an etch resist. Tin-nickel can be electroplated directly on all of the most common materials. Zinc die-castings would require copper undercoating. It is resistant to tarnish under both indoor and mild outdoor conditions and has an attractive faint pinkish color. Additional applications where tin-nickel is used are in the hardware, automotive, electrical, and electronics accessories. The tin-nickel alloy electroplating is covered under ASTM specification B 605-95a.

Tin-Nickel Plating - Seachrome Metal Finishing Co.
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